Super Foods

Natural Benefits of Super Foods

Have you listened to Super Foods experts who explain the health benefits of certain foods that are strong enough to lower your cholesterol and lower your risk of heart disease? As a healthcare professional, I have seen and believed in the benefits of certain medications prescribed by doctors. But in my quest to find something

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7 Must-Have Summer Super Foods

7 Must-Have Summer Super Foods There are many ways to incorporate healthy and nutritious superfoods into your diet this Summer, and Recipe4Living can show you how!   This summer, your refrigerator is stocking these seven must-have foods. Rich in a variety of nutrients, these star foods have a lot in common. They taste best in

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Carrots – A Super Food

Carrots – A Super Food Every day we read more and more articles about new Carrots superfoods found all over the world. What we may not be taking advantage of are the super foods that are available right where we live. Carrots are one of those superfoods that are existing practically ubiquitously, but are often

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