Super Foods Are Super Wastes

Super Foods Are Super Wastes

Super food is Super Wastes, what a ripoff. As a nutritionist, I follow food trends to find out what my clients want to talk about. The biggest question I get is about the latest superfood to cure your problem.


And I tell you that it is a bull, it is a scam, so it is a scam. There aren’t enough words to describe how completely bogus superfoods are.


Now, I am not saying that these foods are unhealthy, malnourished, or bad. Otherwise. I think you should include them in your diet.


Include, do not replace.


All vegetables, fruits, herbs, and meats contain thousands of individual nutrients that make foods unique and healthy. Some, like blueberries, contain several of certain compounds so that help make your metabolism more efficient or aid heart disease.

Medical dose

What they don’t tell you in these reports is how much you need to eat just to get a medical dose.


When it comes to blueberries, eat approx. 1 pound (1/2 kg) every day. Do you know how much it is and how much it will cost?


At 1 pound per. Day, 7 days a week, at $ 4 a day Pound, it’s $ 28 for the berries just. Almost $ 30 just to eat berries.


Now blueberries are a strong laxative after approx. 1/2 pound. Now you have to eat a lot of carrots and cabbage to counteract it, so add even more money and time.

And besides, you still need to get more variety of vegetables to keep your balance.


I figured it out (2 sheets of paper were needed so I’m not bored), I’d get $ 112 for. Week only on vegetables and you will be need to eat almost 6 pounds of vegetables every day to maintain your health. Since that’s 3 times the amount of food you need to eat during the day, you now need to exercise almost 5 hours a day just to work away from the food you eat.


So ridiculous now?


Then move on to the pill. Remember that these superfoods contain nutrients that are biologically active, so it takes a lot of work to get them in pill form. Therefore, the pill is more expensive.


And many on the market are total fraud themselves.


So, what are you doing?


Looking for all the super foods of the month? Yes, a new and hyped superfood is Super food is Super Wastes, what a ripoff. As a nutritionist, I follow food trends to find out what my clients want to talk about. featured each month. so If it doesn’t tell you it’s a fraud, I don’t know what would.


No. You eat a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in season. By eating a variety, you gain balance, health, and opportunity. By eating seasonally, you get the nutrients you need when you need them.

Healthy Eating Foods for Good Health


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